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I can’t Do it alone


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 Together we can make a difference.

We don’t charge for membership as we know money is precious, but the reality is, we can’t fight against those with millions of dollars and thousands of helpers and hope to get elected without your support.

If you can help support the party by contributing to any of the following, it would be greatly appreciated.

$10 – sponsor a corflute

$20 – sponsor the Justice Bus

$50 – sponsor 1000 flyers

$100 – sponsor 10 t-shirts or 20 caps

$200 – sponsor social media advertising

$300 – sponsor newspaper ads

$500 – sponsor radio ads

Other – help however you can




Every little bit makes a difference!
GeoTrust     Pin Payment

Don’t Have a Credit Card?

There are a number of altenative ways to make a donation.


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Thank you for your donation! Every bit makes a difference. 

Make a Difference.

We can’t do it without you. Get involved and help make a difference.