They Died Protecting Us

23 April 2020

It’s still sinking in. Four Victorian cops are dead. Dead. Jesus wept.


23 April 2020

Stuart Grimley

It's not over

10 April 2020

The High Court has acquitted George Pell of sexually abusing choir boys in the cathedral when Archbishop of Melbourne.

Sexual Abuse Makes Headlines... Again

25 February 2020

It's certainly bittersweet seeing sexual abuse claims/cases make the headlines.

Stuart Grimley calls on adoption of indigenous burning advice for Victoria’s fire management

15 February 2020

The state leader of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party Stuart Grimley has asked the State Government to incorporate indigenous burning practices...

Please donate to the Bushfire relief funds

06 January 2020

In the midst of the disastrous Ash Wednesday bushfires in the 1980s, I went on 3AW and said: “Give me money”.

Tent City

06 January 2020

Tent city. In disasterville Australia in January 2020 just look at how some of our protectors, the fireys, are spending...
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