Dithering Dan, It's time to act!

27 January 2017

Victorian Senator Derryn Hinch has called on Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to recall Parliament and make urgent changes in the wake of Friday’s devastating massacre in Melbourne.

Dithering Dan, It's time to act!

“One significant part of the problem can be fixed right now, and dithering Dan Andrews has the power to do it today,” Hinch said.

“The Premier should recall Parliament immediately and give the experts – the police Sergeant or officer in charge, the power to remand, as is the case in every other state.”

“Right now, every week in Victoria, hundreds of police waste hours sitting in court rooms babysitting accused offenders, waiting for a bail hearing. If Dan’s proposed night courts go ahead, that won’t change.”

“Police oppose bail for a reason – because they are familiar with the offenders they are dealing with. Dan it’s time to stop the talk and act. Recall Parliament and change the law to let police sergeants, or the officer in a charge of a station, remand people. We want our police out on the streets protecting us, not stuck in court rooms babysitting criminals.”

“Friday’s massacre is a heartbreaking reminder of just how broken our justice system is. This is an important first step in the right direction.”

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