It's not over

10 April 2020
It's not over

The High Court has acquitted George Pell of sexually abusing choir boys in the cathedral when Archbishop of Melbourne.
Commentators must be careful, but keep this is mind. George Pell has not been found innocent. He has been found not guilty ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. Even though a jury found him guilty and the Appeals Court upheld that jury verdict 2-1.
Legally, Pell can no longer be described as a paedophile. But, at this time, my heart goes out to all victims who were assaulted, and destroyed, by predatory priests. Especially the brave ones who have gone public and had their lives trashed in court.
In George Pell’s case, he may have walked free from jail today but his days in court are not over. There are 6 or 7 civil suits looming in the courts. And the ABC made new sexual abuse allegations against him the other night. This is not over.

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