Justice inquiry gives voice to crime victims

15 April 2021
 Justice inquiry gives voice to crime victims

An inquiry into Victoria’s justice system provides a powerful opportunity for crime victims to voice the case for change after submissions opened yesterday (April 13).

In June last year, I brought a motion to the

Parliament of Victoria

supported by the Legislative Council for its legal and social issues committee to inquire into ways the justice system operates and its effectiveness.

I encourage victims of crime to seek the support they might need to make submissions because their voices will influence change. For so long these have been voices unheard, lost in a system of ballooning complexity and where, too often, the rights of offenders prevail.

This inquiry opens the prospect of ways to deliver practical support to victims, such as the right to legal representation that offenders have, and a victim advocacy service.

Read my statement and find out how to make a submission here:

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