Please donate to the Bushfire relief funds

06 January 2020
Please donate to the Bushfire relief funds

In the midst of the disastrous Ash Wednesday bushfires in the 1980s, I went on 3AW and said: “Give me money”. I didn’t want second-hand clothes or cans of baked beans -- although they were welcome. The response was wonderful and, I think, we raised $16 million (in the 1980s).  Other radio stations in Melbourne generously told their listeners to “go to 3AW”. A cop on holidays came into our LaTrobe Street office every day to watch over the money.

Now, again, in 2020, I am asking you: “Give me money”. Not me, but the CFA or Wildlife Victoria:

Open your hearts and your wallets. Show, again, that Australians, do care. I know you do.  DH

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