Predators can work with children for weeks while working with kids card is processed

11 October 2016

A serious flaw in Working With Children permits across Australia – that is putting vulnerable youngsters’ safety at risk - was revealed in the Senate tonight by Senator Hinch.

Predators can work with children for weeks while working with kids card is processed

Hinch said: ‘In most states, the minute you apply for a permit, a Blue Card, you can officially start being around vulnerable children.

‘Even though it takes about four to six weeks for police checks to be made, you can get the green light by just showing your post office receipt. That’s it. You’re in’.

Senator Hinch said: ‘It astounds me that anybody could be permitted to work with children for an hour, for a day, for even one moment, without first having a full Working With Children check.

‘When a colleague worked for the Department of Justice & Corrections in Victoria he was unable to even start until all criminal background checks were completed. And he wasn’t even working with children’.

The Victorian Senator said a constituent wrote: ‘I was told that so long as the application has been sent away I can now legally work with children. Are you for real!? So I could be a sex offender, and while my application is being processed and background checks are being made, I could be around kids’.

Hinch Senate staff found proof of an application being filed (without clearance) was sufficient in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. An exemption was required in the NT.

Hinch said his proposed national public register of convicted sex offenders would make it easier for authorities, businesses and sporting organisations to ensure that convicted paedophiles were not working with children. To make sure that child molesters didn’t get Blue Cards – didn’t get Working With Children permits.

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