Redress: On board - at last

31 May 2018
Redress: On board - at last

Senator Derryn Hinch today thanked the Catholic and Anglican churches, the Salvation Army, Scouts Australia and the YMCA for signing up to the vital, long overdue, National Redress Scheme for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse.

 “They’ve, finally, done the right thing and come on board.  It took a disgracefully long time but at least they are now admitting their past culpability. I’m relieved, on behalf of all of those who were victimised, abused and forgotten for so long -- for decades of shameful cover-ups,” the chairman of the joint parliamentary watchdog committee said.

 “Minister Tehan tells me that 80% of victims who will come under the scheme are now covered by a signed-on institution. That’s nearly 50,000 abused Australians. They will get their redress from the body responsible for their abuse. I encourage all remaining institutions that housed and protected paedophiles, who allowed children to be abused on their campuses and in their buildings, and who failed kids and their families so terribly, to do the honourable thing now and sign up. Don’t wait for us to shame you into it. That includes the WA Government.”

 As chair of the joint select committee on oversight of the implementation of redress related recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Senator Hinch said he eagerly anticipates the commencement of the redress scheme in mid-2018.

“I have been assured by Minister Tehan’s department that they are confident they are still on track for a July 1 start”.

 “The royal commission’s initial redress report came out in 2015. It’s now 2018. Let’s get this thing moving. Let’s get these people some counselling, a genuine apology, and the recognition that their childhood of suffering matters to us as a nation.”


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