Rest in Peace Ron Fenton

14 April 2021
Rest in Peace Ron Fenton

Rest in Peace, Ron Fenton

It was just 4 weeks ago that Ron came to Parliament to encourage the Victorian Government to fund a Defence Community Dogs program like they have in NSW. I’m so lucky we had this time with him so recently.

The program has prisoners train rescue dogs, emulating the symptoms of a veteran with PTSD. The veteran then takes ownership of the dog and in Ron’s case, his dog Yogi “saved his life”. Ron absolutely adored Yogi. He went from taking 17 psychotropic drugs a day to virtually none. Just incredible.

Ron was very open and honest about his mental health battles and for someone who had 37 bullet fragments lodged in his brain from being shot at during his time at Victoria Police, you can understand how this came to be.

He was an advocate for support dogs and he was a big believer in talking about mental health which is so important. He was an ear for many other ex-police and military vets.

But Ron was also someone I’d call a friend and i will miss him dearly.

I’ll keep fighting for veteran mental health - it will be Ron’s Legacy.


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