23 April 2020

Stuart Grimley

When I chose to become a police officer, many people asked me – why?

I could never answer that. There was no reason or want. It was more of a feeling or calling.

My family wasn’t that keen on me joining the police, knowing the inherent risks. And to be honest, after the birth of my son and daughter, the job became a little bit harder.

But you do what needs to be done and keep fronting up every day, every shift trying your best to Uphold the Right and Protect and Serve.

The police family lost a sister and three brothers last night.

When I got the news yesterday, it was one of those moments. Your heart sinks, your eyes well. It was, and will forever be - heart-breaking.

To all the emergency services that attended the scene – the ambos, firies and of course other police – we thank you and our hearts are with you all.

To the families – you should be proud of your loved ones and know that the police family extends far and wide. We grieve with you.

And to those four who last night gave their stats for the last time, who have signed off – Code 8, we thank you for your service and may you Rest in Peace.

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