Sexual Abuse Makes Headlines... Again

25 February 2020
Sexual Abuse Makes Headlines... Again

It's certainly bittersweet seeing sexual abuse claims/cases make the headlines. It's horrible that there are so many more victims coming forward having suffered at the hands of disgraceful perpetrators, but it's so brave of these survivors to come forward and seek justice. St Kevin's College grooming scandal was just one of the recent ones to take the spotlight and it was especially disappointing to read some of the commentary that victim-blamed and downplayed the seriousness of the allegations. However, it was another opportunity for the broader community to voice their support for survivors of sexual abuse. Rest assured, we'll keep fighting for victims' rights.

On another note, it's your last chance this week to book into Politics in the Pub which is happening this Saturday. It's a free event and will be great to have the opportunity for guests to meet and chat to Derryn and myself about political issues in a  relaxed environment. See you there!

- Stuart

Pictured: Standing out the front of the LOUD Fence at St Patrick's Cathedral in Ballarat.



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