MP to use Parliamentary Privilege to Expose Serious Sex Offenders

05 December 2019
MP to use Parliamentary Privilege to Expose Serious Sex Offenders

MP to use Parliamentary Privilege to Expose Serious Sex Offenders
Stuart Grimley MP has vowed to use Parliamentary Privilege to expose details of serious sex offenders in an effort to improve community safety. This comes after the Herald Sun revealed very limited details of a serial sex offender who is expected to be quietly released back into the community.

The serial rapist who cannot be named for legal reasons, is expected to be living freely in country Victoria by April, where poor funding for police resources and obvious geographical limitations, means that the individual will remain largely unsupervised by police.

The serious sex offender will enjoy the protection of a court-imposed order banning the publication of his identity and whereabouts. On Wednesday a County Court judge signed orders allowing, from next week, the man to undertake unsupervised outings for the first time in more than a decade. He can travel for up to two hours to visit shopping centres or supermarkets, and will be granted longer leave to visit approved people.

In addition to this, he will be allowed up to eight unsupervised outings this month and next, and will then be allowed three outings a week from February.
Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party has long argued that there is an oversubscription of suppression orders in Victoria, further reinforcing the need for a public sex offenders register which would ensure greater public awareness about the names and whereabouts of serious child sex offenders.

Since 2017, Victorian courts have issued 1204 orders preventing the publication
of cases or evidence, compared with NSW courts which issued issuing 490 orders. As a result of this, Mr Grimley has not ruled out using Parliamentary Privilege to expose serious sex offenders.

Quotes Attributable to Stuart Grimley MP:

“Unfortunately, this is not a surprise. Victorian Courts have once again favoured the rights of perpetrators over the rights of victims and community safety. If this creep was living next door to you, wouldn’t you want to know.
When you sexually assault a child you lose the right to anonymity.
This leaves the community unprotected, and more specifically our kids unprotected, against a dangerous sex offender.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that if a person has sexual desires for children, they are likely to act on them if they are given the opportunity.

Anyone who works in SOCIT (Sex Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team), like I did, will understand the devastating impact these assaults have on not only the victims but their families, for the rest of their lives.

We know that Victorian courts issue nearly three times more suppression orders than NSW courts, I can’t see any justification for this. If the Courts continue to prioritise the rights of serial rapists over the rights of victims and the wider community, I will have to consider using
Parliamentary Privilege to provide the potential names and whereabouts of well-known sex offenders.

I also note that a Government Lawyer has argued that the chances of this man reoffending are considered to be ‘low, to moderately low’. These bureaucrats need to leave the ‘Spring St bubble’ and speak to those in which sex offences have been committed. Our children and other vulnerable members of the community expect more from the so called ‘professionals’ which their taxes pay for.”

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