Support for Daniel's Law in Budget

04 April 2019
Support for Daniel's Law in Budget


Senator Hinch’s cornerstone policy- Daniel’s Law, took a giant leap forward last night with the allocation of $7.8 million, over four years, to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission for the creation of a national public register of child sex offenders. The Budget will also provide $25.5 million over six years for the establishment of an independent National Centre for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.

Senator Hinch said it was the best, most positive news since the government announced in February that they would adopt Hinch’s plan for a public register.

 “This is fantastic,” Senator Hinch said. “This is why I got into politics in the first place. It is why we started the Justice Party. It wasn’t until I got back to my Senate office from the House of Reps last night, and started going through the fine print, that I discovered the great news”.

It was only yesterday that the Senate supported Senator Hinch’s motion that read as follows:

“The Senate calls on all state and territory governments to negotiate in good faith in the development of this public register and, when legislated federally and by states and territories, this policy should be known as Daniel’s Law, in memory of Daniel Morcombe”.

Daniel’s Law is now closer to than ever to becoming a reality. This follows months of collaboration between the Justice Party and the government to workshop potential models for a national register.

On the ABC this morning, broadcast from the Parliament’s lawn, Senator Hinch pointed at the building behind him and said: ‘This is why I came here’. That is true. The public register for sex offenders was the genesis of the Justice Party. But, as our 2019 election slogan says, it’s still Unfinished Business…”


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