19 January 2021

Something tragic happened in Tullamarine this week that reflects on all of us. A mother and her three young, gorgeous, kids were found dead in their house. The father was ‘taken in for questioning’.
I’m sure it surged through many people’s minds in cases like this: You selfish bastard. Why not just kill yourself? Why kill your kids? Of course, it turned out he did not kill his children. Police say his wife stabbed them to death then killed herself.
Police tried to warn people early not to jump to conclusions. I tweeted: ‘How quickly, dangerously and cruelly, do people jump to conclusions on social media’.
We didn’t believe the mother could have done that because mothers don’t do that. They inherently protect their offspring.
Try to imagine what that poor man has gone through in recent, nightmarish, days. His whole family has been snuffed out. He hasn’t been able to grieve in peace or with dignity as police asked intrusive questions that had to be asked.
I feel for him.

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