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Derryn Hinch has been involved in animal cruelty issues for more than 40 years. He was writing for the New York Times about kangaroo slaughter in the 1970's.  Hinch took a petition with 30,000 names to Canberra protesting the live export of sheep and horses in the 1980's.

He has joined international protests over the slaughter of harp seals in Canada, whales in the Antarctic, dolphins in Japan and dugongs and sea turtles at home. He was one of the first to stand with Debra Tranter on Parliament House steps for Oscar's Law.

Hinch is also a long-time supporter of Save Our Marine Life, Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd protecting ocean life around the globe. In the Senate, Hinch was a staunch advocate for restricting practices that injure or kill endangered marine life and for increasing marine park protections throughout Australia's waters. In 2019, he introduced the Environment Legislation Amendment (Protecting Dugongs and Turtles) Bill, which would triple prison sentences for illegally killing or injuring protected marine species.

The Justice Party worked in Canberra to ban live exports from Australia, for starters, to at least block expanded markets. In 2018, Hinch introduced the Animal Export Legislation Amendment (Ending Long-Haul Live Sheep Exports) Bill, which would phase out long-haul live sheep exports to the Middle East over 5 years. Previous efforts to ban live export have been poorly implemented and have hurt many farmers and animals as a result. That is why, the Justice Party is committed to an orderly phase out of the live export trade that appropriately ensures that farmers can have their livestock processed here in Australia. 

Senator Hinch negotiated a ban on the importation of animal tested cosmetics to Australia. 

Animals deserve our respect and need our protection. For more information about Derryn's fight, follow the Justice Party on Facebook

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