Bail Reform

More Jail, Less Bail


The Bourke Street Mall massacre should never have happened.

Alleged killer Dimitrious (Jimmy) Gargasoulas should not have been given bail by a Bail Justice who ignored police objections.

The Sydney Lindt Café siege should never have happened. Man Monis should not have been free to walk into that coffee shop and cause carnage. He was on bail as an accessory for murder in a case where his ex-partner had been set alight and burnt to death (on his orders) as well as being on bail for more than 40 sexual assaults on eight women. Monis should have been behind bars pending trial.

 In both cases our court system failed. Again. Tragically, scandalously, yet again.

In yet another court system bungle, Sean Price was bailed on 'threat to kill' charges in Victoria.  Inexplicably, he was then granted permission to leave a monitored residence near Ararat Prison and he murdered schoolgirl Masa Vukotic in a Melbourne suburban park.

Our bail system is supposedly there to protect our community against alleged criminals pending trial. While we support the premise that ‘every man is innocent until proven guilty’, we argue that in cases where a person has been charged with committing an indictable (serious) offence involving an act of violence, there should be no right to bail. Particularly if the alleged offender is already on bail for other offences or has a history of violence and/or threats of violence.

We owe that to the public.

The courts gambled on Gargasoulos and Monis and Price, against police advice, and the community lost. They are just three cases. Sadly there are countless more.

We stand to tighten the bail system. Support us if this issue is important to you.

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