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Derryn Hinch is committed to seeing justice for all survivors of child sexual abuse and physical abuse.

As the chair of the Joint Select Committee on oversight of the implementation of redress related recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Hinch is committed to ensuring a National Redress Scheme that is survivor-focused and trauma informed.  The committee tabled its report: Getting the National Redress Scheme Right: An Overdue Step Towards Justice, on the 2nd April 2019.  It can be found here.

In the Senate, Hinch has held the government and institutions to account for various failings of the National Redress Scheme. Institutions have had ample time to prepare for the National Redress Scheme since the Royal Commission handed down its final report in 2015, and the government has the tools at its disposal to force their participation.

Senator Hinch has introduced several motions in the Senate calling on institutions that were responsible for child sexual abuse to sign up to the scheme or lose all government grants, tax breaks and charity status. He was instrumental in calling for, and achieving, the publication of a list of institutions that are dragging their feet when it comes to paying back the survivors they abused.

As Senator Hinch stated in the Senate:

“Cases are on hold and ageing survivors are dying without their redress…we’ve used the carrot. It’s time for the stick.”

It must also be acknowledged that there are many survivors who are sadly excluded from the National Redress Scheme due to unfair technicalities such as only having suffered physical abuse. Hinch has consistently called for them to be recognised through a Royal Commission and compensated under a similar redress scheme.





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