Parole Reform

Make Parole Tougher


You can sum this up in these two words I loathe repeating: Adrian Bayley.

The serial rapist who stalked, raped and killed Jill Meagher should not have been free on parole at the time of the attack. He breached his parole when he knocked a man unconscious outside a Geelong hotel. Despite his criminal history, he was sentenced to only three-months jail and then given bail while he appealed the 'severity' of that piddling sentence!

The magistrate was so concerned about Bayley’s propensity for violence that he ordered him not to visit the Geelong area for 12 months. The man on the bench knew he was a threat to the community and yet he let him walk amongst us.

In later months, police and Bayley's own parents requested parole be withdrawn. It wasn’t. They feared he would attack again. And he did. And Jill Meagher died.

Since Jill Meagher's murder and after Masa Vukotic was stabbed 49 times there have been some parole board reforms. But in September 2015 — before the inquest into the murder of Sarah Cafferkey by a recent parolee who had killed before — the coroner suppressed from public scrutiny the guidelines the parole board followed when releasing prisoners.

And then we had the ghastly murder of Karen Chetcuti, drugged with animal tranquiliser, injected with battery acid, set on fire and run over, allegedly by her parolee neighbour.

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