Supporting Our Veterans

Veteran's Affairs

Derryn Hinch has advocated strongly on behalf of veterans in the senate. In particular, he has called for the expansion of veterans support services and has raised cases of veterans who have had their entitlements either not paid or unnecessarily drawn out by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Speaking on one such case, Hinch said:

 “I make frequent trips to regional and rural areas to talk to the mayor, councillors, the local police officers. And I always make a point of going to the RSL club in time for The Ode and to talk to returned Diggers. Recently I did a Q and A with 50 veterans at the Ballarat RSL and heard some horror stories. Not what happened overseas, not what happened in a war zone where they put their lives on the line for their country but what happened after they got home. After they got back here. And I told them the brutal truth about the Department of Veterans Affairs. I told them they had to regard the DVA as the enemy because “they treat you as the enemy…. Sometimes you wonder if public servants in that department even know that the V in DVA stands for Veterans.”

Thankfully, some of these cases have been resolved as a result of Hinch’s efforts. In recent months, he has been assured that the Department of Veteran’s Affairs is undergoing much needed cultural reform. Hinch will continue to advocate to ensure that the government remains faithful to this promise. 

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