Dying with Dignity

It's your choice


The question in the movie title said it all: Whose Life is it, anyway?  That’s the crux of the issue and the opinion polls consistently show that more than 70% of Australians believe in voluntary euthanasia. Believe you should be allowed to legally die with dignity with your loved ones around you.

It was briefly legal in this country in the Northern Territory, thanks to trailblazing doctor, Philip Nitschke, but the federal government (under Liberal Prime Minister, John Howard) stepped in and over-ruled the Territory Legislature.

Justice Party founder Derryn Hinch has supported this cause (and Dr. Nitschke) for decades.  He watched his own mother die from cancer.

‘She looked like a Biafran. She weighed about 30 kilos. I sat through her last night with her and thought of ending her suffering with a pillow. If she had been a dog, and an RSPCA inspector had walked in and seen her like that, I would have faced a cruelty to animals charge’. 

One of the first things Senator Hinch did, after being sworn in, was to join Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm by co-sponsoring a motion to remove the Howard/Kevin Andrews legislation blocking voluntary euthanasia in the Northern Territory, the ACT and Norfolk Island.

Victoria is the first state with a restricted Dying With Dignity Act for terminally ill patients but the Justice Party believes it should be national.

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