Jean Marie D'Argent

Jean Marie D'Argent

Candidate for Corangmite

Jean Marie D'Argent

My name is Jean-Marie I came to Australia in 1967 from a small tropical island called Mauritius.

As a child I was raised by my sisters and the number 1 rule for me is to respect females. I grew up watching Derryn Hinch on TV.  I saw him protecting innocent victims of indecent behaviour.

He let people know who these evil humans were and that’s when I started to respect this person who wasn’t scared to mention names and go to prison to protect these innocent victims. When I had the honour to be asked to be a candidate for in his party it was a no brainer for me to say yes because I stand for what he has achieved in his life and if I had the same opportunity to help innocent people in need I will be there without a doubt.

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