Tania Maxwell

Tania Maxwell

Member for Northern Victoria Region

Tania Maxwell

My roots are of the land, growing up in a small rural community to a farming family. I have experienced the sheer beauty and bounty which our country has to offer, as well as the hardships, floods, droughts, testing not only our farmers, but our wider communities.

I have worked in the harsh environment of Western Australia’s mines, being no stranger to long hours and hard work. A rewarding experience where I worked with people who embody the very spirit of this country, hard work for a fair days pay, and that great ideal of Aussie mateship and sense of humour.

I have been a business owner, importing genuine Native American jewellery and artefacts. I took a keen interest in the native American way of life, travelling to locations in America doing business directly with native artisans, in turn supporting their own industry.

In more recent times, I moved to the beautiful surrounds of North East Victoria, where I now live with my daughter and husband. I worked full time in a youth support role for a local non- profit organisation, helping vulnerable youth and their families in our community. As well as full time work, and helping to support my family, I studied part time, gaining qualifications in the areas of youth work, mental health, and finally a Diploma.

I am passionate about my community; safety being a priority. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, I believe that early intervention to support children and family is a key element to achieving a strong sense of family and community spirit.

Out of my drive for a safer community, I Co-Founded a campaign called “#ENOUGHISENOUGH” in 2016.

I have spent the past two years strongly advocating and lobbying, both government and opposition minsters, for reforms to our Parole, Bail and Justice systems. I am further exploring ways in which our youth justice system can be managed more effectively to reduce the prevalence of youth offending.

Now that I have been elected to the upper house of the Northern Victorian region, I can and will, do my utmost to see that the lives of those within all our communities are made safer, and that we all have the opportunity to be the best we can be, not only for ourselves, but for our families, and for each other.

The things which are often the most precious to us are usually those which are the simplest. My love for gardening, snow skiing, watching my daughter play soccer and being with my beautiful family and beloved border collie keep me grounded and in touch with my values

Tania Maxwell, Member for Norther Victoria Region
Email - Tania.maxwell@parliament.vic.gov.au
Contact:- EO 03 54436277



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